My career

I am a chemical engineer who graduated in 2011 from the ENSCMu where I chose the “Safety and Environment” option during the third year. My different internships took me to Togo in a humanitarian mission during the 1st year, and to Cirrus Pharmaceuticals in Durham (USA) during my year of immersion in a company, where I worked on developing methods for HPLC-type devices, and finally to the Institut Suisse de Sécurité in Basel for my graduation internship. I was then recruited as a Quality Assurance, Raw Materials and System Engineer at DSM Nutritional Products. I am presently working as a Health and Chemistry Junior Consultant at Matix Benelux in Belgium.

My job

As a consultant, I have a support function with companies which we assist with their projects. For my first mission, I am involved in a project involving the installation of a new production line within Baxter Bioscience in Lessines, Belgium. After having been trained in their manufacturing process, I regularly perform on-site visits to observe what is really happening, to get as much information as possible for installing this new unit. When my mission with Baxter will end, I am going to work for another company, on a different project. This way of working is very interesting because the regular change of company and projects in various fields allows me to see different operational modes and, especially, to learn and accumulate diverse skills.

In brief

ENSCMu has given me the chance to complete many internships and to live varied, interesting professional experiences during by formative years. My one-year immersion at Cirrus Pharmaceuticals in the US was undoubtedly the best personal and professional experience I experienced, thanks to my school. It allowed me to gain good experience in analytical chemistry, and more specifically in HPLC. It also made me discover a new country, culturally and linguistically. That helped me a lot in choosing my direction and my job.