Jean-Pierre GENEVAY

Chief Executive Officier (CEO)

After obtaining my ITECH engineer diploma in 1980, I served in Abidjan for my civil national service with Renault, in charge of training on the paint line. I then joined BS Coatings, a manufacturer of pipe coatings and anti-corrosion coatings, as head of the lab. I was recruited by Becker Industrie in 1989, also as the lab manager, and then as Coil Coating manager in 1998. I was appointed Managing Director in 2005, and then as CEO in 2008.

My education proved to be a good match for the expectations of the companies I worked for. Moreover, I have noticed that the ITECH engineers we select for internships or that we recruit, are quickly operational and know how to adapt to developments which are particularly rapid in our profession.