Marketing manager

After a scientific baccalaureate, I enrolled directly in CPE Lyon in their integrated preparatory classes. After 4 years (SUP, SPE, third year and fourth year), I went to work for one year at BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) during my gap year, in an organometallic chemistry lab. My research topic was: “Synthesis and characterisation of catalysts containing organometallic complexes”.

This experience allowed me to understand the work in an industrial group, to improve my knowledge of German and German culture, and simply to develop my personality.

I then came back to CPE Lyon for my fifth year and thus finished my scholarly education. In December 1999, I started working for Wacker where I still am today.

My job

I am the Marketing Manager in France and in other European countries (BeNeLux, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland) for different products manufactured by the company. This work consists of consolidating and developing sales in these countries, and the fields of application for these products. Markets are varied, from the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics to the food industry, chemical industry and plastics. My dialogue partners (in-house or external) belong to purchasing, R&D, marketing, production, quality and logistics. This is an exciting job relating to people and innovations. To do it, you need to be curious, flexible, rigorous and able to listen to other people.

In brief

A engineer chemist diploma (in this case, from CPE Lyon) gives access to exciting jobs, not only in research, development and production, but also in commercial fields where chemistry knowledge is sometimes required.