Guillaume RÉMY

Technical sales representative

My career

After my education as an engineer chemist in Mulhouse, during which I had the opportunity to spent one year with Dow Chemicals in Holland, I continued with a programme of marketing & economics, for one year at IAE (Instituts d’Administration des Entreprisesin Dijon. This education programme allowed be to complete my knowledge of the field, and opened new doors for me, thanks to this Technical and Marketing dual skill. My first job was in sales in an analysis lab, before obtaining my present position.

My job

Today, I am a Technical sales representative in an internationally known company. My job as Bio-pharmaceutics and chromatography specialist consists of promoting products from Merck Chimie (chemical unit of the group producing raw materials for the pharmaceutical and food products industries, for the technical and cosmetics industry). I am also providing technical support for customers and for some of our subsidiaries abroad, which do not have any specialist.



In brief

My engineer chemist background opened the doors for me of the technical sales representative position, because I can better understand the expectations and constraints of my clients.