Guillaume MOUZET

Product engineer

My career

At the end of high school, I did not have any clear ideas about what I wanted for a profession or my vocation when I had to make a choice of my career path. I only knew two things: I liked sports and I liked science. Looking around me, I realized that there were an enormous number of outlets and possibilities in chemistry since it is everywhere and notably in sports. I therefore headed for preparatory classes with a preference for an integrated preparatory class, synonym for a better ambiance in my opinion. My choice was then of preparatory classes at CPE Lyon, notably for its strong links with industry and the possibility of passing a year in industry abroad before the end of the cycle.

After this preparatory class, I entered  the chemistry-chemical engineering option. I then specialized in polymers (in the second year of the engineering cycle).  Things fell into place when in the first course, I found the material of my surfboard.  Right away I saw what I could do between my pastimes and my education. I then left for a year in Australia, at the University of Sydney and then in Queensland in a centre for research on natural and synthetic polymers. This experience was extremely positive and I can recommend it to everyone.

Upon my return, in addition to my last year at CPE, I did a  Research Master’s degree in innovative materials at Lyon 1, in collaboration with INSA and Ecole Centrale Lyon. Thus I found my niche: acquiring the necessary knowledge in innovative materials and plastics for sports. My graduation project also was in Australia where I was in charge of improving the materials in traditional surf boards.

My profession

Today I am a Product Engineer for Quecha where I design and develop new products for the brand. I am passionate about this and my field of action is vast and in addition to innovation, on the technical side, I am in permanent communication with all the members of the project group. I follow the product from the idea, the consumer need, up to the entry into the store and even beyond. This involves the design, development and production.

On the development site, at the foot of Mont Blanc, on abroad at our suppliers, I am responsible for quality control, cost optimization, the improvement of deadlines and the reduction of the environmental impact of my products. My education helped me enormously, as in addition to my technical knowledge, I am critical, responsible and open which allows me to combine my work and my passion for sports.


In brief

Having a passion for sport since I was small, I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted to do  until I realized that chemistry was not only interesting in the lab courses but that it opened the doors to many fields  as you find it in every object of everyday life.

I focused therefore on preparatory classes at CPE Lyon then in the engineering cycle in the chemical engineering department where I studied all areas of chemistry and was able to gain scientific knowledge and interpersonal skills. I specialized in polymers as well as innovative materials following a year of research in Australia.

After a graduation project where I could combine my knowledge of materials with my passion for sport, I naturally oriented myself towards a profession where I could reproduce this context.

Today, working in a Quecha design office, in Sallanches, I am like a fish in water, working on products which I am passionate about with a large human relations side in addition to the technical aspect gained from my training.