Chrystelle DOSSOU-YOVO

R&D Manager

My career

In 2001, after obtaining a Material Sciences DEUG diploma (Université de Marne la Vallée, Champs sur Marne), I passed the concours commun polytechnique examination tests and was admitted to Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle in Limoges.
My education at ENSCI, from 2001 to 2004, has been focused on the general knowledge of ceramic materials and techniques. I discovered many fields of application for ceramics, in particular micro-electronics.

My job

My graduation coincided with the opportunity of setting up a company together with a young PhD. I am the head of R&D in this company: CERADROP.

CERADROP is a manufacturer of special machines for ink printing designed for ceramics for electronics. I am in charge of promoting this innovative technology for ceramic ink printing, and of making CERADROP known as a manufacturer of ceramic inks. The company we created is a leader in several collaborative research projects, which involve several national and international industrial partners. I have the responsibility of different projects, such as making specific inks, prototypes, and batch production components produced by ink printing according to technical specifications.
This puts me in direct contact with clients, partners and suppliers to define needs, bring solutions and report on technological developments. My multisciplinary team includes technicians, engineers, PhD students in material science, electronics and mechanics. This versatility is one of the attractions of my job.

In brief

The engineering programme was an extraordinary stepping stone when I left university, and joining the ENSCI was the right choice. I have persevered without ever giving up, even in moments of doubt.  Multiple opportunities (internships abroad, decisive meetings, etc.) have come my way as my career has moved forward, guiding my choices.
So, do not hesitate to chose this education programme, while keeping your eyes open to better build your professional project.