Christophe AURIANT

R&D Project manager

My career

I chose to enrol in ENSCMu in 1999 for two reasons: the desire for a versatile education in chemistry, and the opportunity to have a one-year immersion in a company abroad. The year spent in Japan allowed me to have an idea about what it means to be an engineer, and to experience Research & Development in a company. After that, curious about how everyday life would be for an engineer chemist without a lab-bench, I did my 3rd year internship with BASF, Hong Kong, in the marketing/sales field. These two very rich experiences, both from a human and a cultural point of view, made me understand that, for my personnel fulfilment, the lab work could not be the only component of my future job.

My job

Today, I am the R&D and International Projects Manager with SNF Floerger (world leader in polymers for water treatment), a position where I manage an R&D lab, production and the international technical service.

In brief

The diversity of my present job is perfect for me because I constantly have new challenges. Moreover, in a chemical industrial world which is more and more uncertain and fluctuating, my acquired versatility and adaptability can only be assets…