After the baccalaureate

The Integrated Preparatory Classes of the Federation Gay-Lussac (CPI)

ESCPI 09/2015

The Federation Gay-Lussac offers two common cycles: The so-called “classic” Integrated Preparatory Classes and an International cycle Chem.I.St (Chemistry International Studies). These classes are distributed over 5 sites in France : Clermont-Ferrand , Lille, Pau , Rennes and Strasbourg.

The principle? You enter one of these 5 CPIs after having obtained your baccalaureate. Learn more about admission.

After your 2 years of preparatory class, you can enter one of the 20 schools of the Federation without  having to pass a competitive examination (depending upon your leaving ranking and continuous evaluation).

These educational streams are recommended for students who have chosen to attend an engineering school in chemistry or chemical engineering, but who are not set on a particular school.

More informations on the integrated preparatory classes of the FGL

Integrated Preparatory Classes in schools and other programmes

5 schools of the Federation offer their own Integrated Preparatory Class, i.e. which only allow you to enter the chosen school: CPE Lyon, ENSCMu in Mulhouse, ESCOM in Compiègne, INSA Rouen, ITECH Lyon. For CPE Lyon and ESCOM, admission is via the Concours Puissance 11 ; ITECH has its own recruitment procedure which you can consult on the school’s website.

Two schools of the Federation (ENSIC, ENSIACET) are also accessibles via Polytechnique Preparatory Classes of the 3 Instituts Nationaux Polytechniques (INP)

Two schools: ENSCBP in Bordeaux and ENSGTI in Pau also recruit from the integrated preparatory classes of the University of Bordeaux.

Lastly, INSA Rouen and Centrale Marseille offer other admissions processes at the Baccalaureate level.

Do not hesistate to  consult the websites of the schools  for more information on these recruitment procedures.