The chemistry sector is doing well; here is the proof in terms of numbers

The 2016 financial results for the French chemistry groups have just been published and are for the most part positive.

In 2016, production increased by 2% in volume which is greater than the progression in the European chemical output and French manufacturing production output which were both 0.5%. Since 2010, the production increase has reached 18%, and a rise of 1.6% is forecast for 2017.

The French chemical industry has also greatly contributed to the country’s trade balance which was positive by 7.4 billion euros, putting it third after the aeronautical (18.6 billion) and pharmaceutical (7.5 billion) industries, and this even though the turnover (71 billion) was down by 3%, principally due to the effects of commodity prices, whereas the financial margins, R&D spending and investment either progressed or were maintained.

Sources: UNAFIC (National union of the French association of chemical engineers)


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